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Triumphs of the American Spirit

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When "We the People" becomes "We the People in Power," we have a problem, Washington.


A Revolutionary Novel



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Inhabit the Night Book
Our Last Penny Book
When "We the People" becomes
"We the People in Power," we have a problem, Washington.
– The Doting Fathers of Chestnut Street

Two young Founding Fathers travel into the future and discover the democracy they founded has turned into a political autocracy. They do all they can to reinstate their Constitution and restore American democracy.

"Don't be judged by who you appear to be; be judged for who you are."
– Inhabit The Night

An empathetic young woman recognizes the true character of a singular soul who finds himself suddenly walking in a less fortunate man's shoes.

"The third-grader put on her allergen-filtering mask and stepped out into a hostile new world."
– Our Last Penny

A Midwestern family with an asthmatic daughter struggles to survive the consequences of global warming in the near future.

Borderline Hero Book
democracy reborn book
"Son, don't forget your roots while you're busy branching out."
– Borderline Hero

In a clash of cultural traditions and personal beliefs, an idealistic young Texan tries to prevent immigration issues from leading to violence among US citizens and war with Mexico.

“Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself.” – John Adams

Our democracy is under attack. It continues to be manipulated, violated and humiliated by forces both internal and external.

The culprits are identified and solutions are offered in Democracy Reborn …outlining the steps we must take to restore the democratic process our forefathers envisioned, before it self-destructs.


Kenneth Konecnik is a former advertising writer whose books focus on the personal beliefs and cultural differences that are often at cross-purposes in today's changing America. He roots for the underdog and encourages dialogue across all borders, both real and imagined. From facing immigration issues across the country, to walking in a less fortunate person's shoes, to living with the consequences of climate change and our political dysfunction, Kenneth's stories capture the spirit of driven Americans who are determined to succeed against all odds.

He lives with his supportive wife, Joan, in suburban Chicago and revels in the lives and goals of his children, Jill and Kyle.

The strength of the human spirit is tested in Kenneth Konecnik's

stories of a changing America.

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